Unlearning in Progress – Gauri shankar – Inmobi

Gaurishankar was at inmobi when he delivered this talk but has since shifted to roofandfloor.com .

Salient points of his talk are given below :

Get a co-founder for yourself

Who, what , how many ? Complementary skills ?

2 seems like a magic number – Sachin and Binny Bansal. Steve jobs and Wozniak.

What about the idea ?

Most business ideas fail. The successful companies are the ones that can take that initial idea and morph it one, two or three times into a better version.

Inmobi for instance started out as a mobile search company and now among top 3 companies in the world for mobile ads.

So build the best ship and you will sail farther than others.

Scaling Up

Outsiders view of how a successful startup scales is step by step grown in reality is is low for a long time and then suddenly shoots up.

Get your product market combo right

Biggest Market Vs Focus

Inmobi for isntance decided to go from east to west.

Focus on 3-4 key metrics in your business and track them relentlessly.

Example : Inmobi – Cost per million impressions.

Roi – Cost per action.

Don’t fuck up the culture.

Air-Bnb – Peter Thiel told it’s founders. Work culture separates the great from the good.

Interesting read about Netflix culture



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