Mobile Growth at 91Springboard

Workshop by on Mobile Applications and how you can use certain techniques to increase the usage of your Mobile App.

  • Getting Downloads and Install is the first step.
  • Retaining is more important.
  • Growth Hacking is a misnomer. Overemphasis on acquiring and not retaining.
  • Good Product is key to growth.
  • Story of color app which raised US$ 41 million funding and closed down in 2012.
  • You can start with a low advertising of Rs 2000 if you advertise on facebook and google.
  • Mobile Web – Best Experience to get App installs.
  • Try to get users and influencers on board.
  • Paid Marketing – How much money should be used ? Budget it with Rs 100 you can get 5- 6 Downloads.
  • Facebook and Google are the World’s best Ad Networks for selling app installs.
  • Book – Traction by founder of DuckDuckGo – A must read to know more about channels –
  • The Average Indian User looks at his mobile phone for 178 minutes in a day.
  • What is the best Time to send push notifications.
  • For Dating Apps , the most popular time is in the morning 9-12 am when most people expected it to be at night.
  • Build a demo button on your website where you can download app. Then take them to the demo page coming soon. Track how many clicks you get to know if there is user interest for your App.
  • Andrew Chen –
  • Mobile App Marketing –
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