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Goal 2014

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The Goal for 2014 is simple :

1. Build one free wordpress theme and release it for free on the WordPress Themes Marketplace.

2. Build one premium paid wordpress theme and release it for a nominal price on the Themeforest WordPress Marketplace.

The first theme that we develop will be a free or premium theme depending upon how good a job we do at designing and coding it. If our first theme looks good, works well and it looks like people would pay for it then we release it as a paid theme or else we give it back for free to the wordpress community who will test it out and we iron out all the bugs over time.

Time Limit

Best case scenario : We do it in 101 Days so Launch Date will be Sunday 20th October 2014.

Worst Case Scenario :We have to do it before the year ends that means we have a maximum of 173 days to go for 31st December 2014.

So the magic number will most likely be between 101 and 173 days.

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