Receive SMS online to create an account on Instagram

Not everyone agrees to enter their email address every time they need to fill in the registration form on a website, forum, or social media. And most of the web services use verification by phone numbers, sending SMS messages with confirmation codes. But instead of using your phone number, you can get an SMS virtual phone number for Instagram, Facebook, and the like. All you need to do is just register on some reliable online service.

For privacy reasons, you can receive SMS messages online without a physical SIM card or phone. The list below is the top-5 list of virtual phone number websites that allow you to do without these things. You need a device to get access to the internet.


This SMS service offers free trials, so you can find out whether this service fits your needs. This is a reliable website that allows you to quickly create Instagram without phone number receiving an SMS on its virtual phone number. You can select available numbers from the list on the site, get a message to register your Instagram account, and off you go!

It's as simple as it sounds.

Pinger Textfree Web

This is a decent online service for receiving SMS online. For registration, you have to provide an American zip code. You can easily find it on Google. You'll get several American phone numbers to choose from after registration. 


This SMS platform provides its users with a decent selection of about 30 phone numbers, but only from two countries. It is the USA and Canada. The messages are received in a few seconds. Users can send up to 5 messages per day. There is a free voice call feature of FreePhoneNum. 

FreeOnlinePhone. Org

According to the website, it offers SMS of mobile carriers from more than 200 countries. The website offers to select one of the numbers from the list and get an SMS for registration. is the website that offers virtual phone numbers and individual numbers that are present on the company's SIM cards. Public numbers are available for free. Using them, you can register on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The company offers eight phone numbers from such countries as the US and UK for getting messages online. But some users complain that sometimes it takes a bit longer to receive an online message via this service.

There's one disadvantage we should mention. The service owners warn the clients that all the messages that users receive using the service are visible to other users and cannot be deleted. So any privacy is non a question in this case.

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